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Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a standardized test to measure the English language ability of non-native speakers wishing to enroll in English-speaking universities.

The test is accepted by many English-speaking academic and professional institutions. TOEFL is one of the two major English-language tests in the world, the other being the IELTS.

TOEFL is a trademark of the Educational Testing Service (ETS), a private non-profit organization, which designs and administers the tests.

  • Which test is best for you IELTS or TOEFL?

    Both IELTS or  TOEFL tests consist of four sections that assess the most important aspects of language: speaking, listening, writing and reading.

    The TOEFL, however, is entirely multiple choice,

    while the IELTS has a mix of short answers and essay questions.

    The TOEFL is available as a paper-based test, but the internet-based test is more popular.

    The IELTS exam is only available as a paper-based test.

    The Internet-based TOEFL can take up to four hours to complete,

    while the IELTS is two hours and 45 minutes long. However, the IELTS may take more than one day because the speaking test with the instructor is separate from the other sections.

  • If you are planning on studying in the UK, you have no choice but to take the IELTS UKVI.

    But if you plan on studying in Australia, Canada or the US, you have a choice as to which test you take because universities in those countries accept both. So which is best suited for you?

  • To keep it simple,
    if you prefer multiple choice questions, feel more comfortable writing on a keyboard, and understand an American accent easier, the TOEFL is better suited for you.
    If you enjoy writing with a pen, feel more comfortable talking to a person rather than a microphone, and prefer a variety of different question types, then the IELTS is better for you.

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