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More than 220 million people speak French on the five continents. French is the second most widely learned foreign language after English, and the sixth most widely spoken language in the world.

The ability to speak both French and English is an advantage for finding a job with the many multinational companies using French as their working language, in a wide range of sectors (retailing, automotive, luxury goods, aeronautics, etc.).

France, as the world’s fifth biggest economy, attracts entrepreneurs, researchers and the cream of foreign students.

The ability to speak both French and English is a pro for discovery a job with the many multinational companies in a wide range of sectors.

Speaking French will increase ones job opportunities and salary potential. France is one of the world’s major foreign tourist destinations (75 million tourists every year).

It is the lingua franca of culture, including art, cuisine, dance, and fashion. Learning French will increase your job opportunities and salary potentials. And also increases your appreciation from other people

French is ranked as the second most influential language in the world.

French is one of the most widely taught languages.

French is the official language in 41 countries. French, along with English, is the official working language in hundreds of international organizations or agencies.


    Basic level. One can understand and use everyday expression. One can interact in a simple manner, using simple sentences.


    One can understand commonly used expressions. One can communicate in simple manner, using simple sentences and common phrases.


    One can understand and discuss about various topics encountered in daily life and give their opinion about such topics.


    One can understand more advanced topics. One can also, speak about such topics more extensively and participate in such discussions.

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